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Dog Days of Summer Sale

Our Daily Bread designs has a sale going on right now.

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It is a great time to STOCK UP on all the stamps and dies on your Wish List!

All stamps and ODBD dies are 20% off the regular prices!!

There is no code needed to shop the sale, simply add the products to your shopping cart, and you will receive the discount!! WOOHOO!

You will have just this week to take advantage of this SPECIAL SALE!!! Sale ends Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 11:00 EST. Sorry, no rainchecks. 

The Details…..
* Purchases must be made before 8/31/31 11:00 EST
* Stamp bundles are not included
* No other coupons may be used

So…have fun shopping and STAY COOL!!!

Posted on : Aug 27 2013
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ODBD and NCC celebrate the day with a sale!

Enjoy some savings this weekend with a sale!

North Coast Creations

Our Daily Bread Designs


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Posted on : Jul 04 2013
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My first stamp set releases are available!

Good morning all! And welcome to December!

Since starting to design for Our Daily Bread designs, I’ve been busy with all sorts of projects. Today I’m happy to announce that this month, my first stamp set releases are available! If you are interested in seeing the stamp sets I had a hand in designing with Kelley, continue reading!

I’ll start you out with a beautiful hand stamped card by Design Team member Dawn Lusk: Dawn used the Sparkling Snowflakes stamp set and matching dies along with the Snowflake Sentiments stamp set:

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I wanted to make versatile Christian stamps that could be used throughout the winter season. For the verses, I use a theme of warmth, comfort and peace. I also wanted to include some stamps with a subtle Love theme, to cover February. The Sparkling Snowflakes stamp set has a matching set of Spellbinders Snowflakes dies to cut them out! Dawn’s lovely creation above illustrates this.

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Here is a lovely card by ODBD design team member Chris Olsen:

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I’ve always been fond of vintage/grunge/shabby chic style. Typically you will see nativity images that are either on the cute side or plain and sophisticated. I wanted mine to be different. Shabby. Grungy. Unique. Thus we have the new stamp set called Away in a Manger.

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Here is a card made by design team member Angie Crockett:

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There are two background stamps in this, my first “release”. Angie used the Snowflake background stamp as the main image on her card above. Isn’t it posh? A smaller pattern called Small Snowflake Background is also available.

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ODBD design team member Sabrina Jackson graced us with her beautiful bookmarks last August, and she is back at it again with the Snowflakes collection! Below are the snowflake bookmarks she designed! Aren’t they gorgeous?! The Snowflake Bookmark stamps can be cut out with the matching bookmark dies. The stamps in the Snowy Blessings and Snowflake Sentiments stamp sets fit inside the framed areas in the Snowflake bookmarks.

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I just got my copies of these products hot off the press from the manufacturer and I’ll play with them myself tomorrow!

Watch for some pretty creations made by me with this, my very first product suite!

Thank you for celebrating with me on this special day!!! And thank you to Kelley at Our Daily Bread designs for making this possible! Thank you for believing in me!

(My husband said he’s proud of me too! Love ya dear!)


Posted on : Dec 01 2012
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It’s been 5 years since I posted stamped creations!! I’m back!

Can you believe it? I started designing blogs in 2006.

Then I got too busy with blog designing to actually stamp, photograph and post blog posts with my own creations!! So I stopped posting stamped artwork at my old blog back in 2007.

It has been 5 years since I’ve blogged about my stamped artwork!!

WOW! 5 years.

Guess what I’ll be doing starting on September 1st! I’m going to go back to my roots… blogging about my stamped artwork – something I stopped doing 5 years ago. On September 1st, I’ve decided to have some fun again. Stamping!

I’m going to use this blog to post stamped artwork from now on. My good friend Cindy Coutts is encouraging me to start playing with my stamps again. And well, I want to play with the products I design! Since it has been so long since I actually posted stamped artwork, I asked for some advice and she gave me some great tips as well as recommendations. She recommended I start a YouTube channel, problem is, I don’t like making videos. And I also lack the hardware for it. I have state of the art video editing software, but no actual video camera or anything! And honestly, I don’t really want to mess with video cameras. I have sort of a phobia of them. So I probably won’t go in that direction. lol

Cindy also told me I need to make some matching blog graphics for myself that say “Recipe” and “Instructions” so I can put them in my posts to make them all pretty pretty. She also suggested I do what she does. She uses the Post Template plugin to make her recipe and instructions template for her blog posts. I’ve installed that on many many blogs for other people, but never had a use for it myself… until now. Cindy also sent me a box of non-SU! stamping stuff. She’s cleaning out her house (moving) and making changes in her life and she has gone back to SU!. So as a result, she no longer had use for “contraband” as it is known in the SU! world. So she sent me a box of fabulous stuff to “get me started” making and posting stuff again!

This almost feels like starting over! lol I’m looking forward to spending more time in my studio! This will be ever so fun!


Posted on : Aug 22 2012
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Update on new adventure!

Hi all,

This is a quick update on the transition from full time blog designer to product designer.

Since August 1st, I’ve had to make adjustments in my life to organize myself around my new job. My regular hours working for Our Daily Bread Designs are 2pm – 11pm (with 1 hour lunch)

I am only doing blog design work on weekends. No weekdays. In fact, I’ve started answering blog related emails on weekends only.

Therefore, because of the greatly reduced time I can devote to blog designing, I have decided to make the difficult decision to cancel most orders for those still waiting. Not everyone will be cancelled, however. I am being very selective in who I keep on as blog clients.

If you are waiting for a blog design, I encourage you to contact Heather and get on her list.

Pre-payment was never required to get on my list. So most of the ladies on my wait list haven’t sent any money yet. If you have, it was your choice to do so, and I’ll gladly refund you if chose to pre-pay. Just send an email stating that you’re pursuing other options for your design and I’ll refund you. Otherwise, I’ll consider those who pre-paid to be still on my list.

As far as the free sidebar buttons, I will be discontinuing them. I encourage you to use the sidebar maintenance services of Heather if you are in need of sidebar buttons.

At this time, I have only a handful of sidebar maintenance customers which I plan to phase out when their maintenance comes up for renewal. In the meantime, I will continue maintenance until then, and after that, I encourage you to use the services of Heather.

Any questions? Please email or call. I’d love to hear from you.





Posted on : Aug 21 2012
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Welcome to my new adventure

A little nervous, a little excited… that’s how I’m feeling today.

Welcome to August 1st.

Welcome to my new adventure. Sometimes God speaks in our hearts and tells us new directions that he’d like us to go in. I’ve chosen to pursue a new direction that God has placed in front of me. This new direction was not a hasty, quick decision. It was made with much thought and prayer. But I feel that the opportunity is the path God has chosen for me, which I must pursue. This means many changes for me and for Laycock Designs.

I was asked earlier this year by Kelley Holland, my friend and partner in Christ, if I might be interested in increasing my involvement with Our Daily Bread Designs. As you probably know, I’ve done graphics work for Our Daily Bread Designs since around 2008-ish… specifically web graphics work, packaging, expo booth graphics, etc. Increasing my involvement with Our Daily Bread Designs would include increased responsibilities in areas that in the past, I had little or no involvement in, such as product design. Such an increase of involvement would, I realized, mean I would be required to end my Stampin’ Up! Demonstratorship and also reorganize my client list.

I searched my heart. I spent hours exploring my feelings about blog designing vs. product designing and also about Stampin’ Up!. I also discussed my feelings with my husband. As a Christian wife, my husband is the head of my household and he is also my best friend. As a result of my deep thinking and discussions with my husband I decided that if God intended me to move in another direction, that I would not get in His way.

So I made my decision to follow God’s plan for me.

With much joy, I’ve decided to accept the offer made to me by Our Daily Bread Designs. I feel that the possibilities for personal career development and challenges that will come with product designing will be a meaningful pursuit. I feel that it is the right time for me to make this change. Furthermore, the new opportunities with Our Daily Bread Designs will also allow me to create with God’s word in the forefront of my mind every day.

How will this change of focus affect my blog design customers?

As you are reading this post, I’m sure you are asking this question. Really, the change is quite simple. Here is the rundown:

1. All existing blog design clients will receive service. All my blog design clients up to July 31, 2012 cut-off date will continue to receive service for life. This means that no existing customers will be at a loss for service. Existing customers: I have the responsibility to serve you.

2. My New Customer Queue is now CLOSED. Anyone who emails me inquiring about getting a blog design from today forward will be told my design line is closed. The customers that are currently in my design line will be finished up. I have the responsibility to finish your designs. I’m very sorry to potential clients who would like to receive my blog services. I encourage you to check my Pre-Made Designs store and sign up for my Pre-Made Designs Sale email notification in the upper left column of my blog. I will not, however, be offering custom blog designing to new customers.

3. I will continue to have Pre-Made designs available every 6 months. That will not change. In the course of designing, I accumulate designs that for whatever reason do not turn out suitable for their intended purpose or are created for experimental or training purposes. Those designs will be made available on a first come first serve basis as they become available.

4. Free Promotional sidebar buttons for Stampin’ Up! will (at least for now) still be posted here. At this time, I’ll still be making promotional sidebar buttons that are free for demonstrators to use on their blogs.

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Lookie what I did!

Well, I suppose I better end this post with some creativity, right? After all the reading you just did, I’m sure you are like… well, don’t you have anything to show ‘n tell?

Well, here it is…

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I thought it would be fitting to post this. The August New Releases at Our Daily Bread Designs include this new set of Exclusive Spellbinders dies that coordinate with a multitude of beautiful stamp sets. Yes, I made these dies as requested by Kelley Holland, the company owner.

I didn’t have time to make anything with them yet! At least anything decorative… other than for “testing” purposes, to see if the images “fit” lol… so I will share with you a stunning creation made by ODBD Design Team Member Sabrina Jackson:

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In closing, I welcome any and all existing customers and those in line that I need to finish,

to contact me with any questions they may have about their blog service.

I am more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


I am referring customers who need new blog designs to Heather-Wright-Porto. Please contact Heather if you’d like a custom blog design.  Click the graphic below to view Heather’s blog:
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I continue to recommend WebsbyAmy WordPress hosting services for stamping demonstrators. Amy offers special services and tutorials for those in the stamping business that other hosting services do not offer. When you need WordPress hosting, please contact Amy Celona.

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This post will stay at the top for a bit…

Posted on : Aug 01 2012
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Thank you, England on a Shoestring!

Today I got a message from the blog “England on a Shoestring” that they featured my blog services on their blog! I’m so happy to be associated with such a wonderful blog.

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Not only am I a frequent traveler to the British Isles, I also have an “addiction” for tea, a passion for BBC Radio (which I listen to while designing blogs) and my home is decorated with items from the UK. My husband has a collection of PG Wodehouse books that fills an almost floor to ceiling bookshelf. My daily “haunt” is BBCRadio4Extra, where I have my very own customized profile with my favorite stations on it!

I also share some additional similarities with the “England on a Shoestring” blog.

My home is decorated with many sustainable, reused/recycled/upcycled items,  I use earth friendly cleaning solutions when possible (limiting harmful chemicals) and make sure the products I purchase are not animal tested. I’m a foster mom and animal shelter volunteer who spends her time rescuing homeless cats and kittens when not blog designing.

My husband and I live very simply and we do not have anything of “luxury”. Even my wedding ring is a “hand me down” (his grandmother’s ring). We care more about living with an ecological conscience and helping homeless animals than we do about having “nice things”. My idea of a happy home is shabby furniture and the presence of homeless cats & kittens to care for and find homes for. God gave us all the opportunity to do something for others, and He chose my husband and I to house the homeless.

So, I was so happy to be featured at “England on a Shoestring” because this blog focuses on charities, budgeting, living simply, living sustainably, and also helping homeless animals. Plus it is about my beloved England!

Thanks for the feature, I feel so honored to have been picked by you!



Posted on : Jul 02 2012
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In memory of Lisa Lynne Wright

It has come to my attention the sad passing of one of my blog design customers.

I give thanks to the creative inspiration contributed to the world by fellow stamper Lisa Lynne Wright.

The announcement of her passing was made here:

Lisa’s blog:

Lisa’s banner in my portfolio

I only knew Lisa from the short time we spent together designing her banner. But I feel I know her in spirit. She was and always will remain in my memory, a sweet and kind customer.

Goodbye Lisa Lynne.




Posted on : Jun 19 2012
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